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does media violence effect society essays

does media violence effect society essays Media is undoubtedly the greatest medium of communication in our society, but how does medias portrayal of violence affect us as a whole? Is musics explicit lyrics and televisions raunchy and violent content the cause of our downfall, or is it merely an accurate depiction of todays society? Two young males were fatally shot with multiple gun wounds to the head and chest, how many times have we all heard these words on the evening news? Although the news is a media to educate us on the goings on in the world, much of America chooses not to view these daily programs due to the fact that most of it concentrates on violence. Though, violence is not only limited the local news which merely exposes us to what actually takes place, but what about the many violent television programs that frequent our airwaves. With the eruption of professional wrestling, our children now view beating each other up, breaking chairs, choke holding and the various other violent gimmicks used by these wrestlers as an exciting norm. Hasta La Vista Baby, the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger as he as he literally annihilates a mall full of shoppers. These are the types of gruesome acts that moviegoers pay millions of dollars a year to see. Do the R ratings attract us? Is it the gore that we view on the TV previews? Or, is it the mentality that society has cultivated towards violence? The more gruesome the movie, the more likely we are to run out to see it on opening night. Our society is such that we tend to put on a pedestal the actors and actresses that use profanity, expose themselves and are more violent on the silver screen. Ultimately sex and violence sells, and in this society the almighty dollar is of utmost importance. Parents cannot stop children from witnessing the harsh realities of society, violence, sex and crime. However, it is their role as parents to enforce a strong sense of m...

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What is communication How do you think that the meaning of Essay

What is communication How do you think that the meaning of communication has evolved in recent years Where is communication going - Essay Example Despite the fact that people speak numerous languages they still try to find a common meaning in everything that happens around. So it is communication that allows us solving problems effectively between people, building relationships, and arranging effective work. It is communication that leads to interaction and makes the world go round. Communication basically is the act of information (which can vary from facts and statistics to the most subtle emotions) transmission from one person to another with the purpose of connections establishment and its further development between people. Communication usually means information transmission with the help of verbal and non-verbal (with the help of gestures and facial expressions) means. Communication is inevitable because any human activity is impossible without it and it is the only method of effective interaction. There are several conditions for real communication. There need to be at least two participants for performing communication. And of course there have to be the information to be transmitted. They have to pass the information, feelings, ideas in order to create some shared common meaning and understand each other. Communication is meant to connect people or groups of people and make them understand something is more or less similar way. However, it is strange to realize that most of what people are trying to transmit in the course of verbal communication gets distorted. It happens because there is no possibility that the information that was encoded will be absolutely equal to the information that was decoded. It reminds interpretation from English to Chinese, no matter how accurate it will be the meaning still be slightly different because people of different cultures do not perceive different concepts in the same way. So there are numerous reasons why message is often perceived wrong: cultural and traditional differences, focusing on personal

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Developmental Care Within the Neonatal Intensive care unit Essay

Developmental Care Within the Neonatal Intensive care unit - Essay Example Developmental care also calls for clustering of nursing care for instance carrying out blood pressure and temperature checks to ensure that the babies have longer periods for sleeping. The other strategies used in neonatal intensive care entails turning down the lights in the rooms and providing a quite and dark environment to ensure that infants are able to enjoy maximum sleeping time. In neonatal intensive care, parents are encouraged to visit the infants and adoption of kangaroo care. By adopting developmental care in neonatal intensive care units (NICUs), premature and sick child are able to make a smooth transition from the environment they were enjoying in the womb to the world easily (Abbott and Israel, 2008, p. 80). The area of developmental care within NICUs has been addressed by various bodies that authors and stakeholders in the sector. This paper will be a critical review of the various publications on the topic including a journal by Hamilton, Moore and Naylor; the Bliss initiative by Abbott and Israel and a journal by Sonya Louise. In addition, the paper will critically review the provisions under the Bliss Baby Charter, the Neonatal Toolkit and the British Association of Perinatal Medicine of 2010. Developmental care According to Hamilton, Moore and Naylor (2008, p. 190), developmental care should create a framework within which neonatal care processes are adapted and organised to ensure that they are able to support individual medical, developmental and psychological needs of premature infants and their families. Developmental care has been necessitated by the fact that despite the relentless efforts to prevent premature births; such births are still persistent recurrent with about 6 percent of all lives in UK being preterm in UK annually and these statistics are higher in USA where they are estimated to be 12 percent (Hamilton, Moore and Naylor, 2008, p. 190). Consequently, the demand for neonatal care has increased with more than 70 percent of NICUs admissions resulting from premature infants. In addition to the high costs of providing neonatal care among preterm infants, such infants experience developmental impairments compared to their counterparts. This is explained by the fact that the brain of preterm infants is usually undergoing rapid development and these kids are exposed to a strange environmental setting, repeated invasive assessments and protracted illness (Hamilton, Moore and Naylor, 2008, p. 190). This adversely affects their growth and organisation of hearing, vision and sleeping pattern having long term effects on the neuro-development of the infant. Developmental care exposes parents and premature infants to various stressors and negative feelings for instance guilt, anxiety, helplessness and depression (Hamilton, Moore and Naylor, 2008, p. 190). This is because the highly technical setting and the condition of the premature infant led to the disruption of parental roles and reduces parent-infant relatio nship. To deal with this problems Hamilton, Moore and Naylor (2008, p. 190) proposes the adoption of supportive care to optimise the development and reduce negative impacts of premature births. In light of this, developmental care must involve a range of interventions that will help reduce stress within NUICs including controlling the

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A World of Difference Essay Example for Free

A World of Difference Essay Why do people live in one geographical area all their lives? Throughout my life time, this question has always fascinated me. What is the purpose, and what are the benefits? As a young girl, I grew up in the Mid-West, the famed â€Å"bread-basket† of the United States of America. My family owned a small dairy farm, and our lives revolved around the two daily milking’s. It didn’t take long; two and a half hours at the most, but those hours felt like a prison sentence. We never traveled more than a few hours from home since the cows were required to stay on a regular schedule. As I steadily climbed the ladder to adulthood, I promised myself that I would no longer live with such restraints. Exploration and travel became my dream. At the seasoned age of eighteen, I decided it was time to spread my wings and fly the coop. I joined the Armed Forces and spent a long couple of months missing home. That soon came to an end when I had the pleasure of traveling abroad for the first time in my life. I spent my first, and only, tour in South Korea. It was quite the culture shock for the young woman who had never been out of a four-state area. I managed quiet nicely though, I partied, made good friends and I met my future husband. Before I know it, I was married and had three little ones. My adventures were over, or so I thought. I plowed through the next twelve years being an at-home Mom. My days were exciting; anyone with children will tell you that each and every day is uncharted waters. My husband was in the Military and we were required to move every couple of years. It was nice seeing new places and exploring our new homes, but we never left the States. After years with my husband, I began to feel that jail cell again and I, once again, made the decision to see the world. I was hired as a Government Contractor and, as of present, have been living in the Middle East for five years. I have the luxury of a nice paycheck and, at the same time, I’m able to provide nice extras for my children. Having the knowledge of living in several different States, as well as the Far East, nicely prepared me for my next chapter. I divorced my husband and re-married a man who shares my goals of seeing the world. I’ve had the pleasure of vacationing in some of the greatest places on Earth. We have, on occasion, taken my children with us so they are exposed to the cultures of the world. This, I feel, is one of the greatest gifts I could ever share with them. When you meet and interact with different cultures, it allows your mind to grow. No text book, movie or documentary can compare to experiencing it in person. Travel, in itself, is a great education. We’ve learned that other cultures have something to contribute, even if it’s a different philosophy than our own. No matter what far-off place we encounter one thing is always the same; people are people. Eventually, my husband and I will move on to a different region on the World. And, at that time, we will start our adventures all over again. Even though homesteading in one area all your life is appealing to some; I could never again confine myself to those boundaries. The World has too much to offer, if you’re willing to ride her magic carpet. Travel and exploration are still my greatest goal. I could never envision myself living any other way. So, in some respect, I’m the opposite of the norm. When I look back on my great adventures, I could never imagine giving up my lessons of life by living in one location for a lifetime.

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Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Essay -- Mohandas Gandhi Essays

Gandhi Quotes Woman is the companion of man, gifted with equal mental capacities. She has the right to participate in the minutest details in the activities of man, and she has an equal right of freedom and liberty with him. Hatred ever kills, love never dies such is the vast difference between the two. What is obtained by love is retained for all time. What is obtained by hatred proves a burden in reality for it increases hatred. Fear of death makes us devoid both of valour and religion. For want of valour is want of religious faith. There are times when you have to obey a call which is the highest of all, i.e. the voice of conscience even though such obedience may cost many a bitter tear, and even more, separation from friends, from family, from the state to which you may belong, from all that you have held as dear as life itself. For this obedience is the law of our being. Insistence on truth can come into play when one party practises untruth or injustice. Only then can love be tested. True friendship is put to the test only when one party disregards the obligation of friendship. The test of friendship is assistance in adversity, and that too, unconditional assistance. Co-operation which needs consideration is a commercial contract and not friendship. Conditional co-operation is like adulterated cement which does not bind. It may be long before the law of love will be recognised in international affairs. The machineries of government stand between and hide the hearts of one people from those of another. A vow is a purely religious act which cannot be taken in a fit of passion. It can be taken only wi... ...ll. My work will be finished if I succeed in carrying conviction to the human family, that every man or woman, however weak in body, is the guardian of his or her self-respect and liberty, and that this defence prevails, though the world be against the individual resister. Confession of errors is like a broom which sweeps away the dirt and leaves the surface brighter and clearer. I feel stronger for confession. I worship God as Truth only. I have not yet found Him, but I am seeking after Him. I am prepared to sacrifice the things dearest to me in pursuit of this quest. Even if the sacrifice demanded my very life, I hope I may be prepared to give it. We do not need to proselytise either by our speech or by our writing. We can only do so really with our lives. Let our lives be open books for all to study.

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Characteristics Of A Good Leader

There are many things that can be done by people at my age, teenagers, to make a better preparation for our future. Being a good leader is one of them. However, unlike what some people think, being a good leader does not mean that we hold a power over other people. Instead, there are many characteristics of a good leader and therefore, this essay shall explore some characteristics of it. To begin with, responsibility and the ability to make an important decision play an important role to be a good leader.In contrast to these factors, there would be dire consequences and it is just a matter of time before the leader feel the full-effect of his action. For instance, some companies had the irresponsible owner before they went bankrupt. Furthermore, these irresponsible owner were often making reckless decision. Clearly, it is important for a good leader to be responsible and able to make an important decision. The other factor is that a good leader should be strict with the regulation wi thout exception to their members. As this factor will prove that a good leader can be fair to the others.For this reason, I can illustrate that in a group, the leader has a relationship with one of their members. However, they should never put an exception to the members as this can lead to dire consequences through their actions. As a result, these leaders may end up being replaced by others. Hence, a good leader must be fair when they have gained the trust to become a leader. Finally, a good leader should be someone who is hard working and creative. More importantly, they should be persuasive when giving their team encouragement.This can produce a good result for their team because they have earned the trust of their leaders to do something. For example, most employees in some companies have been supported by their leaders that they will earn additional payment if they finish their work before the deadline. To put it in a nutshell, it is clear that the factors mentioned above are the characteristics of a good leader. In my opinion, a good leader must have a good morale behavior as well. By doing it right, one can make a better condition that may affect the outcome of their lives in later life.

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A Good Teacher Has Not Only A Knowledge Of Early Childhood...

A good teacher has not only a knowledge of early childhood education, but the ability to empathize with children and to give personalized care and attention. Early childhood is a highly diverse field that serves children from birth through age 8. During these years, children participate in different kinds of care and education settings. To be a great teacher, it means that you have to be close, and you have to be observing while listening to the child, so whenever you see a beautiful looking classroom, that’s the one which children are learning to succeed, you also can be sure that all the teachers are responsible and highly intentional. Everything that a good teacher is creating by looking at the environment, considering that the curriculum and teaching it to the children as individual people, and planning the learning experiences, and interacting with the children and their families, they are respectful, responsible and also thoughtful. And as they make decisions, big or small, they keep in mind that the outcomes that they seek will come in handy one day. In responding to the whole upcoming opportunities as in the teaching moments as the intentions of the teacher are guided in by the outcomes that the program is trying to have a clear sense of how the aspects of the program can relate to and to promote th e desired goals that contributes to an intentional teachers’ effectiveness. The learning goals are usually determine at the given age of the child. Teachers mustShow MoreRelatedA Professional Teacher Is Not An Easy Task Essay1310 Words   |  6 Pagesa professional teacher in the future. Every teacher thinks that they want to become a good and professional teacher, but about being a professional teacher is there any lore? Is there any particular qualities for becoming a good teacher? And how to become a rectitude teacher?To become a professional teacher is not an easy task. Professional teaching is the combination of experience, knowledge, lot of preparation and commitment. The person who wants to become a professional teacher need to have firmRead MoreGood Communication Skills are Essential for Early Childhood Education1306 Words   |  6 PagesGood communication skills form a critical element of early childhood education. Communication consists of two main styles: Verba l and non-verbal. These styles of communication form the foundation of effective teaching and learning within the early childhood forum. A good early childhood educator will enhance learning and development with an extensive knowledge of both the verbal and non-verbal elements of communication. An early childhood educator will understand what constitutes good communicationRead MoreBenefits Of Low Salaries For Early Childhood Education1197 Words   |  5 Pagesthe ever-growing society, the necessity of early childhood education has increased as research indicated all the beneficiary effects on the child’s developmental learning capacity in their early years. However, low salaries negatively affect many early childhood educators who dedicated time and effort to continue higher education and trainings to ensure the best practices for the children. With the efforts to raise salaries for early childhood teachers, many professionals and educators in the fieldRead MoreWhy I Am A Teacher Essay1559 Words   |  7 Pages INTRODUCTION I believe that because I have wanted to be a teacher since I was a little girl. Not only have I wanted becoming a teacher for many years, but also I have had many teachers in my past, good and bad, who have assisted me in realizing that teaching was the profession for me. I have started to work as a teacher assistant in a school for autistic children. Teaching is a challenging task. One shall perform his duty with the highest degree of excellence, professionalismRead MoreEarly Childhood Education For Children From Low Income Households Essay1493 Words   |  6 Pages Early Childhood Education Early Childhood Educators work in the subset of education that focuses on the infant through preschool age group. Early Childhood Education creates a significant difference in a child development and learning abilities. There is a variety of avenues one can explore for their child’s pre-education. These specific programs are known by several different names, two of which are preschool and pre-K. Educators can work in many different programs with in churches, public schoolsRead MoreEarly Education For Children : Early Childhood Educator1408 Words   |  6 PagesEarly education for children is very crucial as it helps shape up the foundation of their knowledge and behavior development process. Children begin to develop the sense of curiosity from the age of two. And from age 2-8, children go through a very crucial period of mental development, which shapes up their future mindset (Grayson, 2016). Early children education (ECE) has been listed as the number one priority of the N ational Association of Education. The teachers or educators at nursery and primaryRead MoreThe Truths About Preschool And Kindergarten1704 Words   |  7 Pagesresearching and talking about the early childhood education in America. In addition to that I will talk about the benefits it is having on our children from what I have learned from my sources, and how teachers of early education are being equipped to handle these classrooms. I will mainly be focusing on pre-K through kindergarten. I have had many volunteer jobs at day camps with this age group, and I have worked at a childcare center with programing, so that has influenced my decision to researchRead MoreMy First Semester At Touro College1631 Words   |  7 PagesHistory and Philosophy of Education and Special Education. Throughout this course, I was introduced to many philosophers and their theories, which helped me to develop a personal educational philosophy that I will implement into my own future classrooms. In our very first class session, we examined the word ‘education’. Education derives from two Latin roots, educare: to bring up, to train, to teach, and educere: to lead forth, to draw forth, to guide. In the world of education today, a child’s successRead MoreEssay on Skills for an Effective Communication1261 Words   |  6 PagesAs an early childhood educator being able to communicate effectively is very important; without the ability to do so would make it very difficult to successfully teach children and build working relationships with parents and staff. Communicating is the ability to connect with others by exchanging ideas and feelings both verbally and non-verbally. Verbal communication can consist of spoken conversations (face to face or phone calls) or written messages (letters, emails newsletters). Non-verbalRead MoreDevelopment Of Exceptional And Special Needs Children Essay1672 Words   |  7 PagesThe early childhood sector is increasing rapidly across the Caribbean. Some of these centres just came about in an ad hoc manner due to the demand for day care services; recognising how important early childhood development is, governments and other officials are being faced with the task of ensuring that quality early childhood education is provided. This essay seeks to discuss teachers’ expectations, sensitivities, priorities and values that contribute to the quality of all pupils learning and